X-Ray Equipment


X-ray are images of a body part created by passing small amounts of radiation through it and detecting the rays on the other side of the body part, then using computers to generate a digital picture. The number of x-rays needed depends on the specific body part being examined.

Digital x-ray scans produce higher image quality with reduced radiation exposure compared to traditional film x-ray.

X-Ray faq’s

If possible, children can be x-rayed without a parent in the room to reduce unnecessary exposure to the parent. However, in many cases a parent is needed to keep a child calm during the x-ray. If a parent is needed in the room, they will be given a lead apron to reduce exposure to radiation. If the child's mother is pregnant, she will not be allowed to enter the room for the x-ray.
X-ray exams range from 10 minutes to about 45 minutes depending on the parts of the body that will be scanned.