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MEDARVA IMAGING's physician portal

allows you to view your patient's reports anytime, anywhere.

Read patient reports on the go

View Images and Reports On-the-Go

  • Our physician portal allows remote viewing utilizing RamSoft's PACS HIPAA-compliant software
  • Physicians and office staff are able to easily access patient imaging and reports online anywhere, anytime
  • The user-friendly interface is easy and quick for staff and physicians to learn and utilize

RamSoft PACS allows for workflow automation to increase staff productivity, reduce manual errors and increase patient turnaround time. Electronic appointment requests help streamline the scheduling process. Automatic reporting helps cut down on the number of calls referrers need to make to receive results.

Read patient reports on the goPhysicians and office staff will appreciate the quick turnaround times and mobile access to reports – allowing you to improve patient care and satisfaction.

Here are some key benefits to MEDARVA Imaging and RamSoft software.

Seamless Integration

  • Avoid hassle of going back and forth between systems
  • Integrates with billing systems, RIS, HIS, and EMR


  • Zero-download image viewer gives referrers easy access to patients’ images in real time on any internet enabled device
  • Images are diagnostic quality
  • Can be used on any Internet capable device including tablets and smart phones
  • Works on any operating system
  • Allows on-the-go access
  • Access to both current and previous studies for comparisons
  • FDA approved for diagnostic interpretations including a number of manipulations such as:
    • Multiple viewport layouts
    • Zooming, scrolling and panning
    • Distance measurements
    • Flipping, Rotating, and inverting
  • Rapid results allow rapid care for your patient

Cloud Storage

  • Servers keep patient data safe from cyber-attacks, server errors and natural disasters
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud



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