MEDARVA Imaging Pricing

High-value, High-Quality Imaging


At MEDARVA, we understand that healthcare value is made up of two parts – quality and cost.

With our state-of-the-art equipment, compassionate staff and service, and the expertise of Radiology Associates of Richmond, we have quality covered.

To show you that we also have cost covered, we will be publishing our rates online for all to see. The table below contains a sampling of the most commonly performed diagnostic imaging procedures, and includes both the MEDARVA rate and the average hospital rates for the Richmond area.

As you can see, by choosing MEDARVA Imaging – the independent, freestanding option – you get the same procedure and the same (or higher) quality at a much lower price.

If you have questions regarding our cash pricing or other insurance rates, please call us at 804-924-7010.

Anthem Rates

EXAM Our pricing* AVEraGE COmPETITOR Pricing
CT HEAD/BRAIN W/O CONTRAST $275.60 $708.50
CT CHEST W/O CONTRAST $275.60 $882.50
CT ABD/PEL W/ & W/O CONTRAST $851.91 $2,806.00
MRI KNEE W/O CONTRAST $670.17 $1,606.00
MRI BRAIN W/ & W/O CONTRAST $1,113.08 $3,494.00

* TECHNICAL CHARGE: the professional charge is not included in this pricing

Based on Anthem Rates